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FAQ Page

Where is B Virtual Inc. located?

B Virtual is a US company with it’s headquarters and proctoring facility just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

What technology is required by the student?

A simple webcam and access to the internet. That is it.

Is a special webcam needed, or will any 640 X 480 camera work?

Any 640 x 480 web camera is sufficient.

Is a software installation required for remote access?

No. An applet will run on the computer while connected to the proctor. We suggest the minimum bandwidth should 115kps.

How do I schedule my online proctored exam?

Scheduling Options The availability of scheduling options for student and faculty is determined by each faculty’s member’s requirements. They may choose from any of the following options:

  • An “open” Schedule for scheduling out into the future – Students can schedule any date, any time 24 x 7 x 365.
  • On-Demand – Students can schedule without any advance notice.
  • Defined Scheduling – Students can only schedule within a selected time frame.

The Schedule, for each exam, can be customized to the above requirements.

What is your coverage in terms of hours?

24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Can we audit the results of any particular exam session?

Yes. B Virtual is unique in that we record everything, even with Live Proctors. The entire session 100% of the time – proctors, students, all audio, video and computer screens and systems. This ensures that all exam sessions, not only the parts that a proctor has decided to start recording as is typically the norm, can be reviewed. This also ensures that every minute of every exam sessions our Proctors are recorded and can be “spot audited” by our supervisors or our clients.

How do you protect privacy?

Student recordings do not reside locally on any B Virtual computer. All of the proctored sessions (screen, audio, and video) are captured in the cloud, on a third party secure server. Access to the stored recordings is tightly controlled and we are operating under the strict guidelines within the institution’s data protection policies. Privacy Training and Agreements – as part of our training, all proctors must complete instruction of privacy policies, and be familiar with privacy guidelines for the protection of student privacy. In addition, every proctor must complete a signed agreement attesting to their williness to adhere to privacy requirements.

B Virtual recommends the inclusion of the following contractual terms, and would add any additional privacy terms to our contract relating to the standards and acts listed above. Confidential Information: Except for individual data elements specifically enumerated and agreed to by B Virtual and Client as subject to disclosure, B Virtual shall hold all information received under this Agreement in strict confidence.

Standards of Care: B Virtual shall employ appropriate administrative, technical, and physical measures conforming to the highest industry standards to preserve the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of all Confidential Information. Such measures and controls may include the use of ISO 27001/27002 standards for security, ITIL standards for operational control, and TIA-942 Tier 3/4 standards for data center assurance; in the event B Virtual is not in complete conformity with these or similar standards, then B Virtual shall provide assurances for a reasonably equivalent degree of care.

Security Policies: B Virtual shall at all times ensure personnel who may come in to contact with confidential Information, including all B Virtual employees, subcontractors, service providers, independent contractors, or agents employed or otherwise engaged by B Virtual in connection with this Agreement will be subject to and shall comply with all security and confidentiality provisions contained in this Agreement and all established security and privacy policies and practices of B Virtual, which will be shared in their entirety with the Client within fifteen (15) days of the execution of this Agreement. In the event such policies are modified subsequent to the execution of this Agreement, then B Virtual shall promptly notify the Client in writing of such changes. In the event that the Client finds B Virtual’s information security polices and standards deficient, the Client may require that B Virtual establish additional safeguards within a commercially reasonable time (but not more than forty-five (45) days).

Can I test my system prior to my exam?

Yes, you can test your system at any time 24×7 to ensure you system works properly.

Does the proctoring work on MAC’s of Linux?

Yes, we can provide online proctoring for those systems as well. The webcam is designed to monitor the immediate surroundings and insure you are taking the exam by yourself. We randomly ask that you rotate your webcam so we can validate your surroundings.

How do you authenticate the student?



Photo Identification & Recording -During the testing process, we use visual identification (PHOTO MATCHING) to authenticate a student. We require a government issued photo ID for verifying the student. The ID is checked by Proctor AND recorded.


Background Questions – We also offer randomized background questions (US only) for customers who request an additional layer of authentication. Other Biometric Tools – In addition, we will work with any other third party vendor if the Your Institution decides to add additional layers of identity authentication. There are typically no restrictions to adding additional layers of authentication to the B Virtual technology platform and to our processes

How easy is this to use for – Student/University Faculty?

Our solution interface is simple, clear and adaptable to any portal structure that you wish to design. Our steps are “1, 2, 3” and our 24 x 7 phone, chat, email support means that the student should experience no technical or process frustration.

Is it international?

Yes, we have designed our solution for global access and usage. Students are not required to speak to the proctor if they are not fluent in English and can communicate through our chat technology.

How is authority to provide remote access granted by the user?

The user is required to click a button to allow the proctor to access their computer. It is a simple applet, similar to many online conferencing applets.

Are firewalls an issue?

This system is in use with many individuals, institutions and corporations. Firewalls are rarely a problem. However, it is possible depending on the settings. For this reason, the new process allows candidates to take their exam at their home. The student is provided with instructions to test the system before the exam time.

Will any ports on the computer need to be “open” to run the exam session?

No ports are required to be open to run the exam session. Only a web browser is required.

Where is video, audio and screen data stored for review?

Data stored in fully secure environment. We create a simple web portal with login credentials for our client to download any student data to check for irregularities. All sessions archived and recorded for quality control, historical analysis.

B Virtual records, and stores under strict FERPA guidelines 100% of each and every student/proctor interaction. That means that all disputes are easily investigated in 100% of all situations. B Virtual has been a major proponent of this kind of full transparency to the proctoring activity. All of our proctors know that they are being continuously recorded and can be audited at any time, 100% of every session.

When is support available for this web-exam process?

We are pleased to offer 24/7 support! That is full live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does the student require any special knowledge or training?

Nothing above low level computer literacy. Once the student clicks on the link to the proctor we take it from there. Simple, step-by-step written instructions are provided.

How do you prevent cheating?

All of our proctors go through a rigorous Certified Online Proctoring process. We run remote control software which allows us to see what is happening on the students computer at all times. This allows us to prevent the use of dual monitors, other web sites or the broadcasting of the questions to a remote device. Through the audio and video we can tell if the student is the correct person and if there is any aberrant behaviour indicating cheating.

All incidents of academic dishonesty are reported immediately through our exception reporting system. This includes automatic notifications via email upon all incidents. Additionally, we provide copies of all recordings for the Online and Independent learning team upon request.

How do you make sure the student is not using Wikipedia or other resources while the exam is in process?

Our technology provides us real-time monitoring of all applications, windows, and monitors that are being utilized during the exam, to prevent unauthorized viewing of content during an exam.

Are you also able to remotely take over their system to enter passwords for an exam?

Yes we are.

How difficult would it be for the program to change a password and then provide it to your system?

This is very straight forward in most cases. We work with our clients to determine the method for acquiring passwords and credentials. Additionally, we input that information to prevent unauthorized use/access to courses and exams.

What happens if I am disconnected during my online proctored exam?

When we first connect to your computer will enable our technology to automatically reconnect to you in the event you or your proctor are disconnected in any way during the online proctored exam. Of course, rules will be established as to how long the connection loss will be allowed before the exam is halted, to ensure the connection loss is not deliberate.

How long does it take to get started before I can take my online exam?

It typically takes about 5 minutes for our proctors to set your system up to allow remote proctoring. Most of this time is spent explaining the proctoring processes and requirements for taking the online exam.

What type of support do you offer to Student/University Faculty?

Phone, email and Live Chat are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our Proctors are also highly trained in technical support and can typically resolve 95% of the technical challenges on the students’ computer.

Is it integrated with any learning management system? (Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Canvas, Etc.)

All our technology is SaaS and we can provide the associated links to integrate with technology such as Blackboard. Our focus is on seamless transitions from your technology to exam scheduling, to actually taking the exam.

What country are the exam session recordings stored in?

For USA clients, all recordings are stored on a certified third party secure server in the United States of America. For Canadian and International clients concerned about the impact of the Patriot Act, all student recordings are stored on a certified third party server in Canada.

Additionally, if requested B Virtual can setup up secure third party servers for storage in any country.