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How It Works

What is Online Proctoring?
Online proctoring allows a student to take their online exam from a quiet and distraction-free location, typically their home. Our Certified Online Proctors help students schedule their exam, test their technology components, and successfully complete their online exam while at home. The various benefits include the convenience of taking the online exam without having to travel to a testing center location.

 What are the benefits of Online Proctoring?
Below are just a few of the online proctoring program benefits.

Benefits for the institution

  • No hassle scheduling – You can direct students to our online scheduling software
  • Track student appointments –  You can use our appointment scheduling software and reports to manage student appointments
  • Dedicated account manager – You have an assigned account manager for online proctoring program questions
  • No technology investments – You have no costs because we bring the technology to the program.

Student Benefits

  • Online exam appointments available 7 days a week
  • 24 hour support for students and testing administrators
  • No software installs for students during exam