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Live Online Proctoring

We believe students around the globe should have access to online education from the comfort of their homes.

Their education experience should be seamless from online learning to online exam writing.

How we make this happen:

  • Students can schedule their exam at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Complete freedom to write their exam whenever they want.
  • Students around the world can now write their online exams in a safe and trusted environment.
  • Live certified proctors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students feel supported and secure knowing that a live proctor is overseeing their exam.
B Virtual provides a seamless remote proctoring experience for students to take exams online. Our combination of people, process and technology provide a level of integrity to the examination process that raises the bar for Proctored exams.

Benefits of our Turn-Key Live Online Proctoring Solution:

  • Advanced technology to monitor students online during exams
  • White label options to maintain the look and feel of your brand throughout the exam process
  • Recording of all exam session data including video, audio and keystroke information
  • We provide pre-exam system testing for students to lessen test-day stress of technology connections
  • We provide online room monitoring to our customers who want to view real time proctored sessions and view students


We use BVirtual to administer the ACCUPLACER – WritePlacer exam only.  We require our students to register and pay their administrative fee prior to issuing a testing voucher to them.  Through that process we require them to provide their name (of course), student ID, and birthdate.  We then verify that this information matches what is in our Student Information System and we issue a voucher.  We provide a very detailed email with instructions and FAQ’s that was provided to us by the College Board when we were a pilot site.  I think the more information you can provide the candidates about the technical specs and how the process works, the better.

We had to highlight (BOLD) the statement about the vouchers only being valid for 30 days from their generation date, as we had many people who tried to test after that time and were turned away and we had to generate another voucher for the candidate.  We also make them pay again if they let the voucher expire.

B-Virtual keeps an open line of communication about any technical problems or other problems that may occur. We have had over 200 candidates test through this process with minimal problems.  B-Virtual, Inc. is always willing to work with the students to assure that they have the best testing experience possible. Our online students have been very pleased with the convenience of the testing service.

Eva M. Jones
Testing Manager
Arizona State University
University Testing & Scanning Services in the University Office of Evaluation & Educational Effectiveness 

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