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Live Online Proctoring


How We Are Different:

  • We customize Online Proctoring YOUR WAY.  Maintain your program identity and program leadership. B Virtual strongly believes that your brand should be the dominant brand for all student interactions throughout the online course experience. This should also include the online proctoring portal through which the student interfaces with scheduling, testing and taking their exam. As such, B Virtual labels the entire experience with your institution’s brand.
  • We record all exam sessions from start to finish. Your students and our proctors are recorded at ALL times. Unlike many live proctoring services, we record 100%, the start to finish of EVERY exam session. All under strict FERPA guidelines for capture, storage and access for review. And stored off-site on secure third party servers, not on our servers. When comparing options, please ensure a detailed inspection into this particular area of service. B Virtual believes that this should be an industry standard, and a major decision point for your organization.
  • Each Proctor has incentive to ensure that each and every student experience is excellent. Each student rates their experience, and those ratings are tracked and reported back to our management, our clients and our proctors. Regardless of the time of day, or how many sessions have been proctored that day, each session is treated like the most important session that day, in terms of student experience and, in terms of the high attention to detail regarding questionable behavior. Aside from our own Certified Online Proctoring program, we incorporate a comprehensive rewards program for performance, measured by the student feedback from each exam session.

B Virtual provides a seamless remote proctoring experience for students to take exams online. Our combination of people, process and technology provide a level of integrity to the examination process that raises the bar for online proctored exams.


Certified Online Exam Proctors – World Class Training:

Live online proctoring requires a unique set of skills including; computer system/hardware technical competency, problem solving skills and customer service skills. Our chosen proctors participate in a world-class training program that covers modules specific to proctoring best practices. We have designated this program – “Certified Online Proctor”.

This program focuses on these key areas:

  • Detecting Aberrant Behavior Modules – This course has 10 key areas of focus, designed to enhance the Online Proctor’s ability to spot questionable behavior.
  • FERPA Training – In-depth training involving all aspects of student privacy protection and the detailed processes.
  • HDI’s Support Center Analyst – An industry-recognized designation, this course is designed to train our Support Professionals on strategies for effective customer care and problem resolution for technical environments.
  • Certified Remote Agent Course – An industry-recognized designation, this course provides specific training for those Support Professionals who work in our Remote Support Center. Concepts taught in this course relate to role and responsibilities and remote performance management.
  • Proctoring Technology Training Modules – We provide training on the technology used for Proctoring
  • Institution-Specific – As part our initial set up for support, we develop an online certification course specific to your support requirements. The certification course is a requirement for support prior to any B Virtual Support Professionals handling requests.

Online Exam Proctoring Testimonials:

“B Virtual’s proctoring service has exceeded our expectations. The B Virtual team worked closely with our customer support leadership to ensure that their processes matched our needs precisely and integrated with our systems.  B Virtual provided a custom user interface that created a unified experience for our customers. The switch-over to B Virtual proctors was seamless for our staff and invisible to our customers. Customer feedback has been extremely positive and B Virtual’s level of support has been exemplary.”

Ross Pearo
Vice President
The College Network

“We use B Virtual to administer the ACCUPLACER – WritePlacer exams.  B Virtual keeps an open line of communication about any technical problems or other problems that may occur. We have had over 200 candidates test through this process with minimal problems.  B Virtual is always willing to work with the students to assure that they have the best testing experience possible. Our online students have been very pleased with the convenience of the testing service.”

Eva M. Jones
Testing Manager
Arizona State University
University Testing & Scanning Services in the University Office of Evaluation & Educational Effectiveness